Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Oregon Trail Day 3

Day three was an exciting day, as the pioneers made it to "Independence Rock" and then made it over the "Rocky Mountains".

First, tho... "family" photos!

Hawkeye (aka Mr. Peterson) and his charges, acting serious... because that's how you took photos back in the day!
I love these smiling faces!
Silly kiddos!
The Putman family
Sadly, one of the "babies" died on the trail. We had a somber funeral this morning. I think the kids are understanding the gravity of "trail reality". It's been such an amazing learning experience so far!

Independence Rock!!

All the kids signed it, just like the pioneers signed the real rock.
Two of my favorites, Tori and Loren... and their baby boy! :)
I love Jane! :)

So thankful to be able to do this with her!
Heading up into the "Rockies"
This is a step path behind the school. Getting the wagons up it was tricky, but they did it!
Here we go... over the mountains! And by mountains, I mean the play equipment! All the "families" had to get their wagons up and over all the play equipment. It required lots of team work and good communication. 

It was so great to see the kids working together, problem solving, and having fun (most of the time). It was such a fun exercise!

Only one wagon didn't make it over the mountains successfully. 

The kids were all pretty tired after our long hike and then big "climb" thru the playground. I bet they all will sleep well tonight!

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