Thursday, June 15, 2017

Oregon Trail Day 4

If I could sum up today with one word, it would be WET! Oh, my it rained so hard today.. on the longest day of hiking! 6 miles today.. and while it was raining, the kids still had a little bit of fun and learning time! :)

The daily morning briefing. Today the kids were allowed to wear coats since it was supposed to be really raining hard. 
Dan is the dad of Noah, who is in Ev's class. He and his dad dressed up in full uniform and led the kids on a maping lesson/excursion. 

Another river crossing!

It was already raining, but the got more wet doing this!
Cold but surviving!

Evelyn and her friend Elle... love them both!
We had a hot dog lunch for the kids halfway thru the long hike. 
The "men" went "hunting" at our pitstop. Lots of good eats caught...haha!

Pioneers lunching.... 

The kids had fun with Dan!

We actually cut our hike short because it was so wet and windy. It was pouring so hard on our way back from our lunch stop. Everyone was soaked when we got back to school...but everyone was in good spirits. Most of the kids realized this is how it was coming to Oregon. We have it really good in comparison!

Last day tomorrow!

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