Friday, June 16, 2017

Last Day on the Trail / Oregon Trail Day 5

Last day..woohoo!! The kids (and grownups) were all pretty tired this morning. It's been great week but it's also been a long week. I think all of us had mixed emotions about this being the last day.

Our last group meeting...
These three amazing teachers did such a fabulous job planning this whole week of experiences. I am grateful for all of them!
Serious faces!

The Putmans are gonna make it to Oregon intact!! Yay!

Mrs. Calafet's class put together a dance that they performed for us. It was so cute to watch Ellie! 

Welcome to Oregon!!  YAY!!

Staking their claim... each family got rope to make a boundary line of their property. Evelyn wanted to make sure her family's plot had a tree in it. Smart thinking, sweetie!!

Celebrating with strawberries and cream!

It has been such a rewarding week for the 4th graders... and for me, too! Thankful to be a part of such a large and amazing undertaking. Hoping the kids will remember this week and be grateful for those who came before us to our great state. 

There truly is no place like Oregon!!

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